Trustee Jo Waterton Completes A Cross-Country Marathon

Volunteer running a marathon to raise money

Congratulations to School Aid India Trustee Joanna Waterton, who has just run the race of her life to raise money for Roseberry School Darjeeling. Joanna completed the 22 miles including over 4000 ft of climbing in the Swaledale event held on June 9th, raising over £4000 for SAI in the process. This would have been an amazing achievement for anyone, but it is a first for an amputee.

It is only 7 years since Jo lost her left foot and part of her left leg in an avalanche accident in the Swiss Alps and six years ago she was still on crutches. She was motivated to attempt the marathon by the plight of disadvantaged children who get such a poor start in life and as a Trustee she is well aware that School Aid India is really changing the lives of some of these children in Darejeeling. So well done Jo, and a big thank you on behalf of the children of Roseberry School.